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For Sale by Owner Baltimore

May 24, 2024 | Uncategorized

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For Sale by Owner Baltimore

For Sale By Owner Baltimore

Speaker 1 Gene

Speaker 2 Theo,

Speaker 1 What can you tell us about for sale by owners in Baltimore?

Speaker 2 Wow, there’s so much to talk and unpack there, but we’re going to keep it down because I was told we have to keep it under two minutes. I recommend all listings to be sold on the retail market versus a for sale by owner market because you just simply get way more money when you sell your property on the retail market. So if your goal and objective is to maximize your profits, I definitely recommend to list with a realtor.

Speaker 1 Your analogy for this is my favorite. So can you tell everyone your iPhone analogy for why people should list on the market instead of on their own?

Speaker 2 I got to tell you a secret. It’s not my iPhone allergy. It’s not my iPhone analogy. It actually was taken from a training, but I’ll be happy to regurgitate it and share it with the world. So we have an iPhone and let’s hypothetically, we’re walking down the street and we see a yard sale and we have this iPhone that’s packaged in the original box with the original receipt that says it was $1,500 and it’s on sale and the guy’s asking $500 for it. I turn to you and I say, “Theo, I’m going to order offer them $400.” And you’re going to say, “Gene, this is a yard sale. I think you should just offer him 300.” I say, “cool,” turn around and offer him 200. We haggle and we come to an agreement at a price of $250 or $300, whatever it is, and nobody’s upset with each other. It’s a win-win for both of us. And then let’s fast forward. We’re going to lunch at Towson Town Center and we’re walking through and we see the same Apple store and it has the same phone, same model, and everything sitting on the counter listed at $1,200 or $1,500. Am I haggling with the guy? No. Am I asking him for a discount? I might. You probably would. I probably would, but I’m not getting it. And why is that? It’s because I expect to have the retail transaction. I expect to have a retail experience with a salesperson there helping me and taking care of my every need. So it’s as easy as possible for me. Same goes for the retail market on the real estate side, you want a simple process. You want to get top dollar, so you want to go and sell your property on the retail market.

Speaker 1 Sounds good, Gene

Speaker 2 Did I stutter too much?

Speaker 1 No

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  • Tanya Khranovich

    The entire team has been amazing to work with! Everyone was very supportive, helpful and patient.
    They were so understanding, and made me feel that I'm in good hands, and I was. I trusted them completely! Many thanks to Gene Dru Property Group - Gene, Megan, Angela, Stacy and all other team members. I appreciate everything you did to make my home buying experience a great one!