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Staging – Why You Should Stage Your Home

Staging - Why You Should Stage Your Home Hey everyone. My name is Gene Dru of eXp Realty, and today we're going to talk about staging. Properties that are staged sell quicker and for more money. So you'd be crazy not to stage your property. Now, staging doesn't...

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Financial Benefits of Real Estate

Owning real estate can be a game changer in terms of building wealth and financial stability. When you invest in property, you're not only securing a tangible asset, but also opening doors to several financial benefits. Let's dive into some of the key advantages:1....

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Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips Today we're going to talk about home selling tips. My name is Gene Dru of eXp Realty, and there's four things that affect the sale of the house. One of them we can't control, and that's the location of your property. We can't just move it into a...

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The Home Building Process

The Home Building Process can be an exciting and rewarding journey, but it's essential to understand the various stages involved. Initially, you'll need to secure a suitable plot of land and obtain any necessary permits – this is a crucial step in ensuring your dream...

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Why you Should Work with a Real Estate Agent

Why You Should Work with a Real Estate AgentWhen it comes to navigating the world of real estate, it's essential to have an expert in your corner. Working with a real estate agent offers a plethora of benefits, all geared towards making your homeownership journey a...

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Home Buying Tips

Home Buying Tips Home buying tips. When you're buying a home, don't skip the inspection. Check if everything works okay. Go through the inspections if you can, ask the questions and use what you learned to talk about the price. The small cost of an inspection can save...

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Recent Testimonial

  • Jessica Salis Howe

    If you want to feel advised and supported each step of the way, then the GeneDru team will surely be the be the right choice. I have recommended them several times to friends and family that I know need superior service and follow through. Gene educates and guides throughout the process of listing, selling and buying new, while his stellar team works fast and diligently behind the scenes. There’s no time wasted, and less nerves throughout each step. Superior service. We are so appreciative!!! Thank you guys!!!!

  • Ms. T

    I am so glad to see the Gene Dru Property Group growing and prospering. Gene and Josh were superb guiding me in the sell of my home and purchase of my new home! They, along with their staff, were instrumental throughout the entire process. Every staff member was on point in fulfilling their roles. They sat with me and explained each phase of each process; they told me what to expect and when to expect; even helped me with the resources I needed. They didn’t just listen to me, they heard me, as well. Their compassion made me feel confident and safe. I felt like I had 2 more big brothers. Working with each of these gentlemen, their staff and their network was such a joy! Best of all, I sold my home at the asking price and bought my new home all with 10 business days! I am happy to share the Gene Dru Property Group with my family and friends.

  • Tanya Khranovich

    The entire team has been amazing to work with! Everyone was very supportive, helpful and patient.
    They were so understanding, and made me feel that I'm in good hands, and I was. I trusted them completely! Many thanks to Gene Dru Property Group - Gene, Megan, Angela, Stacy and all other team members. I appreciate everything you did to make my home buying experience a great one!